Blueprint node cannot jump to the C++ source code

Why can’t I jump to the C++ source code when I double-click the blueprint node?

That means you either lack engine source code or debug symbol files that are required tie blueprint node to specific line in source (when you compile c++ line information is lost).

If node is in the engine you need to install both in UE4 installation settings

Thanks,But I do not know how can i solve this problem .

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Why is the map after opening the link?

Go to UE Settings and enable browse to source symbols on double click.
I recently disabled it, very annoying thing, if you accidently double click in a box in the node to write something it will jump to visual studio and everybody know visual studio is coded to delay 3 seconds execution of any function without Incredibuild… lol

Open Engine Preferences and go to
Content Editors > Blueprint Editor >
Workflow, then Enable

Navigate to Native Function from
Call Nodes
in my case, I disabled it.