Blueprint Ninja Challenge

I’ve messaged! :+1:

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You should have a PM from me! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, yes I have it and I have replied as requested :smiley:

I never got one either… i finished it in 2 weeks and never got the email at all, even checked i had everything completed and nope, no email… wonder if it was a lottery of those who completed it? Do you need more info?

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i thinks its randoms rewards… i complete all and get the badges but not email confirmation or anything. For me the chance of winning the mystery box end on 18 nov (thats 15 days after event end), maybe iam wrong but who know :frowning:

anyways thanks all for the answers here and special thanks to @SkyeEden :heart:

Pd: waiting for the next challengue :smiley:

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Hi SkyeEden,

I’m relatively new here. So I can’t PM you. I have yet to receive any emails when the challenge started and upon completion. But in My Achievement screen, I have the Blueprint Master, Ninja and Journeyman trophies. Able to check whether I have signup and officially completed the challenge? Thanks

I have got a message which said that I won a Mystery Box. I wrote two response emails. However, I never received a reply.

There is nothing you need to do once you receive that email. You had already pre-registered with all the required information when you signed up for the challenge! :slight_smile:

Messaged you! :slight_smile:

@SkyeEden Can you help me check if it is finished? If completed, I want to know if my address is correct, thank you very much!

I received emails for signing up and reaching each achievement, but not one for completing the challenge.
Sent SkyeEden a PM.
Seems like this is a mess and hope it gets corrected for everyone, we put some hours into this.
Perhaps more people got in on this than they anticipated?

@main35Tainer Apologies for the time it has taken me to respond to your PM. You have your reply! :smiley:

@LIMINGx I’ve reach out via PM :slight_smile:


wow, all the best to anyone doing the blueprint challenge, hope you receive your achievement


I’ve just PM’d SkyeEden. I’ve had no emails since the 27th October saying I was a couple of courses away from completion but had already done these courses and got badges 21st October.


I’ve just PM’d SkyeEden. I completed all the task courses on October 21, and I haven’t received any email saying I have completed the task so far

Please @goodriver @BB98ME , keep the rest updated with his reply, so we don’t disturb him in a massive way.

I’m missing the hope to receive it before Christmass. Would has been a great surprise! :cry:


I got a reply from SkyeEden saying there was no record of me completing the badges required. They asked me to send any information I had, which I have done from my learning dashboard saying I got all the badges with the latest being 21st October.

I don’t know if there is confusion as I used a different email address to my Unreal Account when registering but it definately tracked me competing some of the courses.

I used different emails too. Been trying to get this resolved for 2 weeks. PM’d back and forth and the issue has been referred to the ‘learning team’

I was told it was an issue with what they used to track peoples progress. Sounds like their tracking system was broken. So IF you haven’t messaged skyeden yet do so and include screenshots of the badged and dates earned and account info page that shows email it was tracked under with your reeeeally long account number so she can help you.

Hi @SkyeEden can you check my account as well? I can’t seem to send a PM directly unfortunately.