Blueprint Ninja Challenge

And ghosted again after another 5 weeks of nada via email. Really? It’s not even about the swag anymore but the principle of deception and lack of customer care when the issue is not on the customers side.


@SkyeEden Hey I havent received my 2nd package yet. Are you guys still shipping it?? I got just the badges whereas others have water bottles and hoodies and whatnot. Why is this shipping process so delayed and why was it split up in the first place?


I have the same situation, and cant even get the reply from staff.

I even have no message about the swag, so I guess they just forget my swag… So sad

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I Haven’t seen my 3 badges :frowning: …now i my be moving to a new home if i do move can i change my address ?

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@SkyeEden It has been 2 months since you ghosted me in emails about this issue, but even longer to the people in this thread, and other threads connected to this issue as well, and at this point it isn’t even about the stuff but the completely failed and horribly run event with ‘teams’ showing they have literally no idea what they are doing. From a PR standpoint, this is a big failure.

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Two years in a row now the follow-through on these challenges has been a bust.

Two years ago the learning challenge was supposed to result in special digital badges. Last year was supposed to result in physical badges, shirt and bottle.

Will there be another this year?


Its now been 14 months. And @SkyeEden ghosted people, myself now 3 months ghosted, after proving ALL my address info again for like the 5th time because the ‘team’ still hadn’t gotten their act together. But now im moving so dealing with this joke of a pr debacle is just… im just over it. You don’t deal with issues by ignoring them, you figure out where it lays and fix it, which is clearly something they don’t want or know how to do as they just keep creating bad pr for themselves.


This was a disaster. Epic Games literally set the bar too high and then forgets to deliver on it. This challenge was just a fluke. Some of us received just the badges, some of us received just the other stuff and most of us received nothing. The point is @SkyeEden and Epic games, if you were not capable of shipping so many goodies then you guys shouldn’t have promised so much.

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Hey all. We hear you and you’re right. The Blueprint Ninja Challenge has proven to be a bumpy and difficult event. We’ve hit unanticipated snags with account identification and shipping, customs fees—you name it. But at the end of the day, that’s no excuse for a lack of communication on our part.

We’re working to remedy this once and for all, as quickly as possible.

To those of you who have paid customs fees, we’re reaching out with paths for reimbursement. Epic should’ve covered those in the first place, and we want to make sure to set that right.

We’re also following up with those of you who have expressed that you haven’t received your prizes, and we hope we can ship them as soon as possible…

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you all holding us accountable.

We hope to have this sorted shortly. Thank you for your patience!


Will there be an e-mail about this? :
To those of you who have paid customs fees, we’re reaching out with paths for reimbursement. Epic should’ve covered those in the first place, and we want to make sure to set that right.
Because I also had to pay twice : the small and big package had cost.
Thanks @SkyeEden if you will answer.

Hey Skye, I’m not sure if I’m on the radar or not since I haven’t reached out about it. I did receive my badges for the challenge, but I haven’t gotten anything else since then.

Wishing you all the best on my end and thanks for helping out!

I’ve sent you a message :slight_smile:

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Sent you a message! :slight_smile:

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did u get my message??

Hi, SkyeEden :slight_smile:
Please tell me, I never received either the badges or the parcel after the email about the clarification of the address data and the size of the T-shirt. Maybe we can contact you for more information?

Thanks @SkyeEden, Lauren and everyone at Epic.
My swag came last week and my patches arrived this morning.
I appreciate the effort made to individually follow up each entrant and put things right.
I’m going to frame the patches and mount them on my wall.
Cheers all!

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Still waiting.

Where should I be expressing that I haven’t received my package? I guess here? I haven’t received anything yet either!