Blueprint Multiplayer - Steam Subsystem Help Needed

Thanks for viewing my topic, I am hoping that someone can help me out here. I’ve messaged some Staff Members directly and haven’t had any replies yet, I can only imagine how busy they are, however I still need an answer. I’ve been searching the AnswerHub and Google like a mad dog and havent found a solution that works for me.

So I’ve followed Wes Bunn’s blueprint Multiplayer tutorial series to a T so far. However, When I test my game like he does, it doesn’t work like his does. He uses his laptop on a seperate network and finds his session from steam, no problem. However, when I tested it. I could not find my session and even using the console commands I could not get the second client to connect. (Second Client is outside my house across the internet) I have successfully done this via LAN. Now, I have read a few different situations where without a steam APP ID I cannot connect through a packaged game. (Which I sent my packaged game to my brothers house where he tested it and couldn’t find my session)

However, others said that, that doesn’t matter as long as we are steam friends. I need some information on this topic please.

Question 1: If this is due to me needing an APP ID, then how do I test my Network play?

Question 2: What ports (if any) do I need to forward to get network play to work properly (I forwarded 7777 and 7778)

Question 3: If someone using steam Host’s a session with my game (as the listen server) how do others connect, Don’t the ones hosting a listen server need to forward ports?

Thanks in advanced to anyone who helps!

Could Really use some help here please

Don’t mean to sound rude, but I’m kind of really disappointed here. I been researching this question and asked several individuals including STAFF members and not even a common courtesy of “I don’t know”. Just a flat out ignore. I just need some suggestions on what I should do here. Kind of at a stand still with my game until this gets fixed.

  1. App ID isn’t your issue
  2. Steam Support :: Required Ports for Steam
  3. The hosts need to forward their ports.

Some tips… Try launching your server and client with -log to see what’s happening behind the scenes. Give it time to connect, don’t expect instant connection. Whether you’re friends or not is irrelevant. Make sure the code you have for hosting/joining is correct.

Don’t expect too much help when it comes to this area, multiplayer/steamworks. It’s just one of those things where it’s really tough to debug through comments without any images or at least some logs.

Well thanks for the reply, really any feedback is helpful and I have the ports forward on my end and I followed Wes Bunn’s Blueprint - Multiplayer tutorial including steam, and at the part where he said he tested it on his laptop with a separate network and it worked fine. My server that I’m hosting doesn’t show up. Kind of curious as to how Steam connects to UE4 and knows whether someones port is forwarded or not. I’ve done everything to a T and still nothing, I’ve changed settings and other small tweaks and they didn’t work (I reverted back afterwards) Just wasn’t sure if someone followed this tutorial before and had similar outcomes.

Only thing I can think of is that tutorial being outdated as of 4.15. But you marked your version as 4.11, so you should be good on that end. You could try on a fresh project. Sorry, can’t help much more without having the projects in hand to debug myself ya know.