Blueprint Multiplayer network problem when packaged

Hello, i followed the multiplayer blueprints tutorial, everything thing works fine when i’m launching in standalone mode or in severals editors windows. But when the game is packaged, i can’t find any session.
I’m using 2 computers / 2 steam accounts and 1 connection for LAN or 2 differents connection for INTERNET mode.
i followed these Allars tutorials aswell :

What are the errors you are getting in your logs, they should give you some insight into what is failing.

Hey ElKite,

There has been a lot of changes from 4.10 (what you listed as your engine version) and the documentation for that has been updated and/or changed to match the current version of the engine.

With that said, I would recommend trying 4.13.2 and follow this thread:

If you have more information on your issue, please post it and I can investigate further.