Blueprint Mount PAK File or C++ Class

I have my DLC system almost ready to go - I have a system to download the required content and I am on my last step - mounting the PAK file. I am using a blueprint source built version 4.17.2 and implement C++ classes when I need to.

I’ve ran through the release / patching documentation and I can have the first patch download with no problems, which will require a game restart. It works as I want it to - restarting the game will have the new patch installed and loaded.

Now if I am trying to download an updated patch PAK file it can’t overwrite the patch PAK since its in use. So my issue is trying to control when to mount the patch PAK file. So my thought process is to simply start the game, check for updated content (version check), download updates if needed - which overwrites the patch PAK and a game restart will be prompted to the user. If the version check passes, the patch PAK is mounted.


  • Does anyone know how to mount PAK files via
    blueprints? Including if a C++ class is needed to expose to blueprints.
  • I can store / download the PAK file
    to a different directory so it is not
    mounted on game start. This avoids
    any overwrite issues but I still need
    to mount the patch PAK file.
  • Does a patch PAK file require to be
    mounted on game start? Can a patch PAK file be mounted at runtime?

I’m playing with the
Mount node from mobile patching to
see if it may work (probably not?).


Based on this post (all the way at the bottom) the mount option may work for PC:

More relevant documentation: