Blueprint losing connection to structs on recompile

Howdy. I’ve looked around at a few other people asking this but didn’t seem to get a solid answer to this. So my problem is this:
I have some structs created in code with the USTRUCT(BlueprintType) identifier for them. Some I put as TArray types. Everything is fine until I try to make a change in the c++ file/header associated with that and recompile the code in the editor (hot reload I believe its called… sorry pretty new to all this). When the recompile is done, the blueprint freaks out saying it has no clue what the struct is or any of its parts. If I recompile via Visual Studio, however, everything’s hunky dory. So is there any way to fix this or am I just hosed so long as I continue to use the structs as blueprint types?

don’t use hot reload when changing struct members, instead close the editor, and compile in Visual Studio. hot reload only works in some special cases, like when you only change literal values.

Blah, Oh well. Thanks for the help.