Blueprint like UI | How to let player open and modify BP in game?


I am creating simple educational game and the UE4´s BP interface fits it perfectly. Is there any way how to open blueprint-like interface in game but with my own nodes? I know just basics of C++ and thats a reason why I would be very thankful if I could use UE4 somehow for this.

So simply:
How to let player open and modify BP in game?

Thank you so much for any answers

PS: sorry for my poor English.

There is no easy way to do this.

Since all the code is there, you might be able to take a large portion of the engine code, port it to a plugin and distribute it with your game. However, this is such a large task and really not worth it.

I’d rather think about a different approach for it. Since UE4 is free you might be able point your audience to UE4 directly and add mod support like Ark did.

Well…not exactly what I was hoping for, thanks a lot anyway. :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, you are looking for just an interface that works like blueprint. You don’t need to use blueprint codes exactly, but just the interface for your own back end?

The UE4 editor uses Slate for its UI. You can also use Slate for game UI. So perhaps you could look at the editor code and get some idea of how to build a system like blueprint. I also want a UI like blueprint for my game, but like you I am not very experienced in C++. Thankfully, the nodes I need are much MUCH simpler than blueprint, and I am using an interpreted scripting language, so by UI just needs to output text. I hope that I can build it.

i think perhaps they want editor functionality as their game. you’d have to look at source :stuck_out_tongue: