Blueprint lighting on mobile (Android)

I’m procedurally generating levels out of ‘room’ blueprints, where each room contains a set of static meshes, lighting (point lights), and, in some cases, particle emitters. Other than a directional light, spawn point, nav mesh, and lightmass volume my level is completely empty in the main level editor view.

While everything works great on the desktop, when I launch to my Android device (Nexus 5) its pretty obvious that lighting is not happening. The one exception is the emitters, which are visible, but are not emitting light to the level.

In a previously asked question someone answered that dynamic lighting was not supported on mobile, and this would seem to match my scenario. If that is true, are there any workarounds (From what I can tell I can only add a dynamic point light in blueprint)? If its not true, is there something basic I’m missing? I’ve tried disabling HDR and adding the lightmass volume, but thats just me grasping at straws.

Hi KnaveWave,

Here is the documentation in regards to the limitations for developing for mobile devices. Hope this helps!