[Blueprint] Larger snap area of node inputs

Dragging wires is a natural part of Blueprint workflow :slight_smile: Sometimes when i want to quickly drag wire off an output, or connect it to an input, i just miss - and insted of connecting wire to input, Blueprint thinks that i want to place a new node.


How about inserting some little magnet inside every input? It would help snapping wire when it’s really close. This snapping would not be visible when dragging a wire (imho it would just annoy like that), but only when releasing it. Well, actually the image above is enough to illustrate this little idea :slight_smile:

yeah you are right, would be nice

How about a simple dialog box (Like with the variable “Get” and “Set”). If you’re in the vicinity but miss the node input, it could say “Connect” or “New Node”?

Hi Slavq,

Thank you for your request, we will take this into consideration.

Today i’ve worked in blueprints with touchpad (on laptop) and… I missed these inputs many times, which was very annoying :slight_smile: But even with mouse it’s still a problem when i work fast.
That’s almost 3 months from this request, any news?

Expect this to be in 4.8, I think.

… I still often miss inputs when trying to work fast with blueprints :slight_smile: Maybe 4.9? :rolleyes:

definitely +1

I already mentioned this months ago, no one seemed to care until now. Please at least give us an option to increase the size of the pins!

for sure, +1

also would be nice if they make it bigger for dragging out a new connection from an output pin. there’s a bug that the ‘highlight area’ and the ‘actual dragging area’ are not the same (highlight area is bigger). so many times the thing highlights, but instead of making a new connection you end up moving the whole bp node :confused:

its can be even like that

yeah CriErr has my idea too! :smiley:

^ This could cause some problems when two nodes would be close to each other (output snap area of Node1 overlaps input snap area of Node2) - but anyway yeah, in this case bigger = better :smiley:

make z order priority for output 0ca61e21df12492736f929d261fffd4c98b440d5.png


User can also want to change input pins, and it would be overlapped by output then :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s some nanotechnology right there c3aec67e28338803dfabe30f63da41cc12e2e0b8.png

shyly bumps the thread after couple of months

Just wanted to drag a wire off an output… Dragged a whole node :smiley: This happens regularly to me, maybe I’m trying to work too fast :stuck_out_tongue:
So anyway, I just remembered this thread.
Blueprints are AWESOME, and these little things could be polished a little bit more, to make them EPIC. That would fit the concept… You know… Umm, yeah.

Would be even better if we had some modifier key that while pressed enlarges snap area, or even autosnaps to closest (to mouse cursor) pin.
And while on it please make another modifier key that freezes all nodes locations while pressed.

Snap the link to the closest correct pin would be great.