Blueprint Inventory System

Dear community,

I would like to introduce you to a blueprint Inventory System, which is now released in UE4’s Marketplace!
The following is a link to our youtube quick demo: Blueprint Inventory System - YouTube shown here:
Blueprint Inventory System - YouTube

The following link shows a simple demo of creating simple items (it IS outdated but most setup is identical!):

Developing a game in unreal engine 4 and need an Inventory System?
This is a professionally designed multiplayer ready blueprint inventory system for ue4 developers, soon to be released to the official UE4 Marketplace!
Check our official UE4 forum post!
This blueprint inventory system is designed to give unreal engine 4 developers an easy and customizable way to add any inventory to the game.
Adding the inventory system to the game instantly allows you to create inventories, items and containers of any kind!

Maximum **weight **can be defined easily from the defaults panel
       A large number of pre-made useful **functions**!
    **   Slot count** is just as easy to define
   **    Initial items** that can be added from the defaults panel. Every item added here will be automatically added to the inventory at spawn time.
    **   RNG System**: Adding items with a probability ratio so that you can immediately create a looting system!

Inventories come in several flavors:
    **   Limited **and **unlimited **weight inventories. (For you backpack or home-crate needs)
    **   Extendable **or **Limited-slot** inventories. (Extendable inventories are commonly seen in fps games / While limited slot is a more rpg-like approach)

       Items can **stack **by defining their max stack size
       Have a **weight **that is counted as part of the system
       Have **properties **like name, HUD icon and more that can be easily be configured
       The item class if of course **extendable **allowing the developer to easily add game specific variables (like **gold**, **damage **for weapons etc)

       Easily configured containers that are setup to **trade **with the current players inventory
       Can spawn with any inventory selected, to easily generate **treasure **chests!

**UMG Widgets**: -** HUD rework changes**:

**Draggable  **inventory windows! Every window now can be dragged around easily!
**Scrollbar **that allows you to add as many slots as you wish without visual problems!
New **materials **for the inventory windows! Materials and material instances now **drive the color and shape of the window**!
**Stack/unstack** feature now built in the slots allowing you to easily split stacks!

** Right click menu** for using and dropping items!
Selection widget now shows the name, icon and description of an item when you target it!
Double clicking now moves items between inventories!
Many more visual and functional fixes, creating a better, more intuitive to the user HUD!

New Showcase Level:

**Descriptions **and **explanations **of the three main blueprints of the inventory system, **Generic Item, Inventory and Container**!
Examples of simple **items**, **containers**, **inventories **and a **loot spawner**!

Don’t forget! Everything is **multiplayer **ready!

Also all our code is well commented, and tooltips are filled with useful information!

Commenting example (RNG module):


Inventory function list:


Inventory defaults page example:


Any comments or questions are welcome. I expect to release some follow-up updates which might include some new features, so you are also welcome to ask for new features.

Thank you for your time,
Philippos Christianos

Hello everyone and thank you for voting to the now “In marketplace queue” inventory system.

During this time we have worked to make the inventory system, even better, by updating our HUD to a more intuitive and better-looking one (and fixing some missing tooltips :slight_smile: ).

There’s been a new demonstration level, which implements some items as an example and even shows a container item placed in the world which the player can easily access through the HUD!

We also reworked our introductory youtube video:

In this video it is shown how to create an item, pick it up, how the UMG widgets are used and finally the external inventory (the container!).

Do not forget that everything in this system is created to be easily overridden/complemented to fit your needs. We understand that there’s no one-size fit’s all system so we leave space for any use you might need in the game! Every item can have whatever variables you need (for example if you need items that have a value, you just create a class with generic Item as a parent that contains a gold variable, and everything will still work!)! Even the pick-up and use function can just as easy be overridden (as shown in the barrel-container example) to do whatever you need them to!

Next in our queue is enabling multiplayer/networking support!

Thank you again for all your support!

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

As I have promised, multiplayer support is ready! Sorry it took a while but making sure everything’s working correctly and safely in networking is just a bit complex (but I believe everything has been kept organized and well commented!)!
Nevertheless everything’s ready now! All functions are authority guarded when needed, the UI has been updated to use server run events etc!
Of course single player is working as always! No need to keep anything needed for multiplayer if you use singleplayer!

I’ll add a video if you want to check it out:

I want to make the system as complete as possible! So what would you like next? Don’t hesitate to post!

Hi Semitable,

Cool inventory setup - it looks very clean. I have a couple questions:

How many/what custom blueprint nodes have you created to keep the BPs from cluttering?
You now support multiplayer (nice!), but do you have plans to add any hooks for setting up persistent data? Maybe something hooked into an external database that the developer sets up?

Hey !
Even though I am a C++ developer and would care writing custom nodes, in my knowledge you can’t add C++ code in the marketplace yet! For this reason i refrained from using custom nodes and instead used the programmer’s workflow logic (but in BP) and created BP functions. Each function hardly has 6-7 (or a bit more for some harder ones) execution nodes (commented and in order) so you wouldn’t say them cluttered.

There are several functions (not too many though) for every need. Not every function should have a use for everyone. For example there are several ways of adding items (using a placed actor, using an existing placeholder, etc) but in the example videos only one of them was used! I just tried to make the inventory in such a way so that anyone adding it to his project could find existing functions to recreate a gameplay element the way he intends to.

In case I wasn’t that clear I mean that if someone wants to add inventory items from the world only, he can use a function. If he only wants to loot corpses though (possibly a small inventory?), or trade with another character/NPC there’s a *different *already written function for moving stuff around!

To **conclude **with the first part of your question there are around 10-15 custom functions (where you should expect to only use a few of them) with only a few execution nodes in each!

Now for persistence, the marketplace restrictions still apply! If someday the marketplace allows code plugins I would surely have a try at adding db support!

Hello again everyone!

The *BP inventory system * got a new update! We now have an RNG System in place where you select which items have a *drop chance * and the system spawns the inventories following the selected probabilities!
The initialization is very easy, where you just set the items and their respective drop chance in the defaults page (of the inventory BP - either the basic one or any child), as shown below:

-The difference between the starting items and the RNG Spawn Items is that the starting items are always added while the other ones have respective probabilities! And of course you can have a little of both :slight_smile:

Of course examples are included in the code, and everything is clear coded like always! I’ll soon make a video explaining the functionality in detail, as well as some simple documentation of how to create your own loot system!
Check a simple example HERE!!](

You can learn more at or get it sooner than the marketplace release (which I hope will come soon)!

Thanks again to everyone who’s planning to get it, or anyone who already has it! Have fun!

Hello again everyone!

We have a new update this week that includes a rework of the current HUD and a completely new showcase level!

HUD rework changes:

**Draggable  **inventory windows! Every window now can be dragged around easily!
**Scrollbar **that allows you to add as many slots as you wish without visual problems!
New **materials **for the inventory windows! Materials and material instances now **drive the color and shape of the window**!
**Stack/unstack** feature now built in the slots allowing you to easily split stacks!

** Right click menu** for using and dropping items!
Selection widget now shows the name, icon and description of an item when you target it!
Double clicking now moves items between inventories!
Many more visual and functional fixes, creating a better,
more intuitive to the user HUD

New Showcase Level:

**Descriptions **and **explanations **of the three main blueprints of the inventory system, Generic Item, Inventory and Container!
**Examples **of simple **items**, **containers**, **inventories **and a **loot spawner**!

A simple video showing in fast-forward a walk around the new level, and a few BPs!

and a few screenshots!

for more information do visit

Next in line could be either implementing a trade system within the inventory itself or anything you might have in mind! Leave a comment if you have a suggestion! :slight_smile:

This looks awesome, especially the fact that it has full multiplayer support.
I’ll definitely be picking this up when it’s available on the marketplace.
One thing I would ask though, can the inventories be navigated using a gamepad? If not would that be something you would consider adding?

Hi Semitable, very nice Inventory System you have here. I’m interested in purchasing one of the Advance Inventory Systems: (1,2,3,4) destined for the Marketplace. My goal is to configure it into a JRPG Style Action Menu. Unfortunately, I don’t have an Artist to draw up Icons, so an Auto/Manual Snapshot Feature to create Inventory Item Icons on-the-fly might win me over (hint,hint).

Hey guys, thanks for your suggestions!

I really never thought about gamepad support! I am sure it can be easily added since I mostly use native widgets! I’ll make sure to have a go at it for the next update! :smiley:

Hey! So you mean creating images from the item’s mesh on the fly? Or snapshoting the meshes to create new assets like an external tool would do? I am thinking that just creating a 2D texture from the mesh can easily be done on the spot!! That’s a nice idea since I don’t have an artist either and I am taking screenshots myself for items (as you can see in the awfully designed icons :P). I will make sure this feature doesn’t over-complicate the BP code and if it doesn’t I will probably add it on a future release :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions again!

Thanks again for all the support, and feedback. i have purchased this inventory system and can say it works so well it cut months off of my project. along with Semitables quick support and feedback i figured everything out very quickly, i couldnt ask for more out of this system.

I’ve been pondering over ideas of beefing up a simple ‘Snapshot Capture’ into a more robust ‘Portrait Capture’ System that uses overlays/backdrops, chroma-keying, post-processing effects, and image editing/drawing to provide more interesting 2D Portraits. I’ve seen similar systems for introducing Characters/Creatures in games like Bayonetta, Sunset Overdrive, many others. I can see value in such a system for Inventory Items, Character Intros, Creature Compendium, or where ever one needs a cool 2D photo or icon. Perhaps A Portrait Capture System is a product in itself? Hmm.

Anyways, I’m currently on the fence as to which one of Inventory System I’m going to purchase from the Marketplace (they all look very good and I’m not sure how much work is required to fashion one into a JRPG-style Action Menu). Currently going through the UMG Tutorials to learn how to create basic in-game menus with it. I may hold off a little while longer for others to hit the Marketplace. Maybe someone will publish a JRPG-style Action Menu System.

Hey man! Glad you are satisfied! Hope you got anything you needed!

Well a snapshot capture could be something from very simple (like attaching a camera and drawing a texture) to a very complicated fully autonomous capture system! Anyway I am waiting for the 4.7 official release before working on some new features for the inventory since my experience is that those 4.7 preview builds break a lot of stuff xD

Hi ! I am very interested in your inventory and I decided to buy. The only thing that awares me is the update possibly ( or lack of it ? ) in case when I buy it outside marketplace ( at ).
Can you tell me if people who buy it on semitable will get the updates as people from marketplace do ?

Do you know when will it be released on marketplace ?

As I told others that PM’d me I currently update everything on the site and you get the updates as soon as they are released without any delay! So no worries about that, I am keeping everything updated!

Unfortunately communicating with Epic about the marketplace release has been a bit problematic since they’ve told me several times they are about to release it and never did… I hope that they will finally add it but I cannot tell you an estimate - it will probably be wrong!

Thanks for the interest, and I hope you’re fully satisfied if you do get it!
PS. I am working on a 4.7 update at the moment, it will soon be ready!

Hi! P.M. me please when you get it finished. OK ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is the look and feel of this support customization?

Can I buy it and then skin it for my own needs?

To let everyone know, we’re working with Semitable now to sort out this issue. It’s on Epic’s side, not Semitable’s. This pack (among several others) was accidentally released when we were testing and updating packs for 4.7 compatibility, and we’ll get this sorted out ASAP.

Hey everyone!
I’ve been informed that the Inventory System is officially (this time) on the marketplace!
Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks to Epic and for resolving it fast enough!

Yes, skinning the HUD should be easy enough if you know just a bit of UMG.
I mean the code for the sub-widgets and functions exists and depending on what you need changed you can either keep everything, copy or remove the corresponding code
The HUD is a simple example of a skin the inventory has created (by a non artist :stuck_out_tongue: ) for displaying the capabilities of the underlying code! You can probably remove it fully too if that’s what you need!

About the 4.7 update now, we’ve run into some issues since auto-converting leads to some disconnected pins (that disconnect on every reload if you fix them)!
We’re working on fixing this and expect an update as soon as this technical issue is resolved!

Thanks again everyone!

So stoked this was released. I was considering buying this later this week, but the $30 credit was the nail in the coffin. Can’t wait to try this out!