Blueprint for vibrate over object, touch object then teleport?

Hey guys! Super noob with a lot of art experience and hugely limited coding experience.

For University we’re making a simple VR game with the vive.

The end goal is for me to figure out how to make it so that ROTATING A CRANK does one of two things are per how it’s designated: change weather effect or teleport actor to one of four “standing points”. I’m practicing in the BP map supplied by Unreal.

Can anyone help me out with a blueprint that will do what I need? For now, I just want to do as the title suggests. Have the actors hand vibrate when over an object (eg blue box), then once they click trigger, they are instantly teleported to a new set area on the map.

If anyone has helpful tutorials or asset packages for this, let me know!

Cheers :slight_smile: :smiley:

I will not give you a ready made solution but few pointers so that you can still build it by yourself and I am not infringing any code of conduct as university lecturer on VR. :wink:

  • With “vibrate” I assume you mean Haptic Feedback. Check out this Blueprint function: Play Haptic Effect | Unreal Engine Documentation
  • Touch object: this can be detected by checking the Begin Overlap or Hit events between the controller mesh (e.g. a hand or a sphere parented to the motion controller component) and the object. Collisions have to be set properly for this to work (e.g. Generate Hit Events if you want to detect a hit)
  • Teleport to a new area: this can be easily achieved with the Set Actor Location or Teleport functions.

Now that you have all the pieces, you just need to put them together. :slight_smile: