Blueprint Editor destructor does not work

Hey there!
I have a custom Blueprint Editor class based on FBlueprintEditor. It works, but after closing editor window destructor not called. So asset does not remove from opened assets, and I cant reopen it.
I made my Editor looking on UMG Editor and I have no idea what the difference

I think we’re going to need to see the custom blueprint editor that you made in order for us to help you out


any ideas?

The editor does not seem to be destroyed when you close it; if you think about it, that might be a good optimisation. There are a bunch of events in FBlueprintEditor. One might help you: OnEditTabClosed

It doesn’t work. When I close UMG editor ~FWidgetBlueprintEditor() will call, but my ~FDialogueBlueprintEditor() doesn’t called after closing my editor. :frowning:

nobody knows? :frowning: