Blueprint doesn't update when I move my TargetPoint.


I’ve got a little problem with my blueprint.
What’s currently happening is this;
What you see is that the actor is only updating when I move the actor. But not when I move the TargetPoint.
I’m trying to make it so it updates when I move the TargetPoint, though I’m a bit lost on how to do so…

This is my blueprint for the actor: (Event Graph) (Construction Script - Part 1) (Construction Script - Part 2)

Help would be a greatly appreciated!

I’m using the TargetPoint to get the height value. The height value is used to tell the blueprint where to dissolve the model.

Can you explain what you are trying to achieve? Use the target point to set the location of the plants?

Hey there, the construction script only fires when you modify the actor, that is why it’s not working. The tick event only happens in runtime, not design time.

That would explain a lot.
I’ll change the blueprint a bit, remove the construction script and paste it in the event graph.

Here is a possible solution.

In you Target Point BP create a reference to the controlled mesh. In your controlled mesh BP, create a custom event called Update Position which takes a vector input. From the Construction Script of the Target Point BP, take the reference to the controlled mesh and call its Update Position passing the position of the Target Point. You will see that the controlled mesh follows the Target Point in the editor.

In the same way you can call a custom event for the controlled mesh BP which does something else, like set the dissolve point, based on the position of the Target Point.

This has indeed helped me further, and I’ll be able to continue from here.
Thank you very much!