Blueprint + Cascade Fireworks system for my peeps!

Hey all!

I’ll keep it brief, because I already wrote a ton on my blog if you really want to know more. Basically. I always make some fireworks in whatever game engine I’m working in, because I love fireworks. Duh.

Well, i went a bit mad with UE4 and made them into blueprints that can be customized and launched and all sorts of stuff and I thought they would be really helpful if I released them to the community to learn from, so I did!

Cheers, and please let me know if you run into any issues or have any suggestions!

PS: I’m working on the sounds, but I’m having trouble getting a good delay to happen using the default sound cue nodes. Anybody want to make me a Distance Delay node?

UPDATE: A new, and improved system is up on the Trello page for voting! Help me get these into the marketplace!

Super awesome…thanks for sharing…

This is a great job and thank you again for the community, I think analyze
your work for my own experience.

my youtube channel is :

That looks great! Very realistic.

We were really impressed, well done.

Fantastic job Tom! Definitely going to have to give this a shot. Keep up the great work!

I like this, especially the flash when they pop. Smiled like I was a kid again for the first time watching fireworks.

ah awesome! thanks tom…again! I got them off you before too. such perfect looking fireworks!

Looking good! I can image the rockets being repurposed for RPG-like projectiles :smiley:

This looks very cool, thanks for sharing!

Thanks everybody! I’m glad everybody likes it so much :smiley:
Tom> Indeed! The shell BP uses the projectile movement and could easily be extended to deal with collisions and deal damage, etc. I was really happy to see that the projectile physics system was very real-world accurate, at-least mathematically.

Hey Tom, Thanks for the share!

My goal is to get much better with blueprints so I wanted to see if I could reproduce your example on my own… well, I have a few questions! hah. I see that I have a LOT yet to learn.

There are 4 blueprints, but I cannot find what triggers the launch event (or Explode event for that matter). Where are the button presses that launch each firework? I expected them to either be in the default of FireworksPC or in a BP event graph with a key inputs but couldn’t find that anywhere.

I see Shell Properties, and Burst Properties. I can almost get how they work, but I don’t know how you made them.

I’ll probably have more questions since this is one of the best/relevant to me BP’s I’ve found. I want to really dissect it. Thanks again!

if you click on blueprints, and open the level blueprint you’ll find more.

those are 2 of the 4 I was talking about.

b4f334ae9b7cffbfe31257413f81e3e92e092ee6.jpeg I mean this level blueprint.

AAaaahhhh! edit (I was looking at the blueprints folder, and that had what I was guessing was level blueprints in that they were game type and a controler? anyway thanks for the clarification!

Thanks for helping out Laserman.
The PC and gametype are really unimportant :stuck_out_tongue: They were actually created so that the ‘game’ could be packaged as a standalone application for those poor souls without UE4 :stuck_out_tongue:

I had considered putting the input into the PC or the blueprints, but decided that, for flexability, they should be in the level blueprint.

As a side note: i’m working on a significant update that will be much more organized and offer much better in-line documentation as well as some fancy new features!
(Shaped Bursts!)

Looks great! Can’t wait to check that out.

Whoaa…those look beautiful! :eek:

Let me get a little more in-depth on this.

Shell properties and Burst properties are variables defined in the event Graph of the Blueprint. I’ve exposed them using the variable properties. these get used in the construction script and throughout the code to set parameters, etc.

There’s the launcher blueprint and that’s what gets placed in the level, and gets the properties/variables set. That launcher then launches the projectile blueprint actor into the air. It passes a ton of information to the projectile about speed, what kind of particles will explode from it, etc. Once the projectile is launched, the launcher is done and all the logic is handled by the projectile or Shell blueprint. It has several timers, etc that run to determine when things will explode and what they will look like, etc.

I hope this helps you ‘read’ the code better. Let us know if there’s anything else as you move forward.