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Reserved !

lol good job Mhousse1247, I like this! even got a kick out of watching the video as well, thx :wink:

Awesome job!

Awesome ,thanks


Well done mate :slight_smile: thank you !!

looks awesome!

You’re welcome!

Problems on a Mac

Thank you for your work but i want to use it on a Mac and it has to recompile but always ends with an error on 4.9.1.
it has to do with this line.

const EDrawDebugTrace::Type DrawDebugType = bDebugIsEnabled ? DebugDrawType : EDrawDebugTrace::None;

Greetings Jan

can you post the error message ?

This is the error.

[2015.09.22-08.45.17:186] 0] Running UnrealHeaderTool “/Users/guyver/Desktop/CustomGravityProject/CustomGravityProject.uproject” “/Users/guyver/Desktop/CustomGravityProject/Intermediate/Build/Mac/CustomGravityProjectEditor/Development/UnrealHeaderTool.manifest” -LogCmds=“loginit warning, logexit warning, logdatabase error” -rocket -installed
[2015.09.22-08.45.30:288] 0]Reflection code generated for CustomGravityProjectEditor in 13.1567926 seconds
[2015.09.22-08.45.30:697] 0]@progress pop
[2015.09.22-08.45.33:786] 0]Generating dSYM file for UE4Editor-CustomGravityPlugin.dylib - this will add some time to your build…
[2015.09.22-08.45.33:786] 0]Generating dSYM file for UE4Editor-CustomGravityProject.dylib - this will add some time to your build…
[2015.09.22-08.45.33:890] 0]Performing 20 actions (8 in parallel)
[2015.09.22-08.45.33:891] 0][2/20] Compile CustomGravityProject.h
[2015.09.22-08.45.33:891] 0][1/20] Compile CustomGravityPluginPrivatePCH.h
[2015.09.22-08.45.55:328] 0][3/20] Compile EmptyClass.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.45.55:328] 0][4/20] Compile CustomGravityProject.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.45.55:955] 0][5/20] Compile CustomGravityPlugin.generated.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.45.55:955] 0][6/20] Compile FirstPersonCharacter.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.45.55:955] 0][7/20] Compile PhysicsBallPawn.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.45.55:955] 0][8/20] Compile ThirdPersonBall.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.45.55:955] 0][9/20] Compile ThirdPersonCharacter.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.45.55:955] 0][10/20] Compile CustomPawn.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.46.07:582] 0][11/20] Compile CustomPhysicsActor.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.46.07:582] 0][12/20] Compile PlanetActor.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.46.09:024] 0][13/20] Compile CustomGravityComponent.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.46.09:024] 0][14/20] Compile CustomMovementComponent.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.46.09:024] 0][15/20] Compile CustomGravityManager.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.46.09:024] 0][16/20] Compile CustomGravityPlugin.cpp
[2015.09.22-08.46.09:129] 0][17/20] Link UE4Editor-CustomGravityProject.dylib
[2015.09.22-08.46.09:331] 0][18/20] sh -c ‘rm -rf “/Users/guyver/Desktop/CustomGravityProject/Binaries/Mac/UE4Editor-CustomGravityProject.dSYM”; "/Applications/"dsymutil -f “/Users/guyver/Desktop/CustomGravityProject/Binaries/Mac/UE4Editor-CustomGravityProject.dylib” -o “/Users/guyver/Desktop/CustomGravityProject/Binaries/Mac/UE4Editor-CustomGravityProject.dSYM”’
[2015.09.22-08.46.14:577] 0]/Users/guyver/Desktop/CustomGravityProject/Plugins/CustomGravityPlugin/Source/CustomGravityPlugin/Private/Components/CustomMovementComponent.cpp:93:65: error: conditional expression is ambiguous; ‘TEnumAsByte<EDrawDebugTrace::Type>’ can be converted to ‘EDrawDebugTrace::Type’ and vice versa
[2015.09.22-08.46.14:577] 0] const EDrawDebugTrace::Type DrawDebugType = bDebugIsEnabled ? DebugDrawType : EDrawDebugTrace::None;
[2015.09.22-08.46.14:577] 0] ^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nope sorry wont work

0]/Users/guyver/Desktop/CustomGravityProject/Plugins/CustomGravityPlugin/Source/CustomGravityPlugin/Private/Components/CustomMovementComponent.cpp:93:79: error: conditional expression is ambiguous; ‘TEnumAsByte<EDrawDebugTrace::Type>’ can be converted to ‘EDrawDebugTrace::Type’ and vice versa
[2015.09.22-09.16.32:491] 0] const TEnumAsByte<EDrawDebugTrace::Type> DrawDebugType = bDebugIsEnabled ? DebugDrawType : EDrawDebugTrace::None;
[2015.09.22-09.16.32:491] 0]

Try this :

	const EDrawDebugTrace::Type DrawDebugType = bDebugIsEnabled ?  DebugDrawType.GetValue() : EDrawDebugTrace::None;


	const TEnumAsByte<EDrawDebugTrace::Type> DrawDebugType = DebugDrawType;

both did work but my pawns dont respond in the editor on jumping or moving they look to fly. and stop as soon as i come close to other objects.

when i try to stop the playmode the editor crashes.

that’s weird , sorry i don’t have a mac to see what’s where the problem comes from

Can it be its becouse i use the binary version 4.9.1 of ue ?

I don’t think so i’m using the binary version too.
Can you post the crush reporter log message?

on windows u use visual studio 2013 right bec i let it compile using the engine as soon as i start the uproject itself.