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The issue does not come from there , visualstudio is using Unreal Build Tool too

I’ve been trying to replicate the gravity results by looking at your hiearchy, and I can’t seem to. Would you mind writing a small guide? Also, for some reason with the custom pawn, its not registering speed. So my blendspace for walking doesn’t work. I tested it with a normal character blueprint with the same setup and it worked fine. Not sure if that’s an issue with something I’m doing or with the pawns.

EDIT: I got the walk animations working - though I still cannot replicate the gravity.

Ok tried to do the same on my windows machine and no problems compiles and runs good so no idea on mac :frowning:

but Replication is still not implemented

So at the moment using the custom gravity for our own objects is not possible? Also - When compiling, and running the game, or launching it from the editor, The camera is stuck in the ground and you are not able to do anything. The player doesn’t spawn. I narrowed it down to the custom pawn being the issue, as if i change the gamemode pawn class to the default third person controller, the player will spawn.

“Custom Pawn” is the base class , use “FirstPersonCharacter” or “ThirdPersonCharacter”.
The camera stuck because you did not implement Input events.
Look at “Pawns” blueprints , it will give you a clear i idea

Yeah, I was using the ThirdPersonCharacter_BP as the “Default pawn” in the “GameMode_BP” However, upon packaging as a game, or launching through the engine, the player does not spawn, and the camera gets sent to 0,0,0 I’d assume.

this happen because the plugin is not loaded on packaged game.

Fixed it , you can download the project again from github

Interesting, by any chance, will this support multiplayer games? That would be a nice feature

It’s in the planning but not sure when

How to you apply the gravity to your own meshes? Or is that not a thing yet?

there is 2 ways to do it :
Add a “Custom Physics Actor” to you scene and change the cube mesh to your mesh
You can simply add the “custom gravity component” to it

What would happen if you try it with multiplayer?

Pawns are not fully replicated

Holy Banana! I was just trying to programm something very similar, this will knock my game up to 11! Thanks a lot!
Which way would you like to be credited? :slight_smile:
(Or maybe you want to take part in it?)

As you wish , there is no special obligation.
I wish to collaborate but I have very very limited time for game dev.

Hey, me again.
I cannot compile a game using this plugin.
Whenever I packaged the project for either Windows 32 or 64, I do not spawn as the character I set anymore, but instead I spawn as default “null” character, with no controls and at location 0,0,0.
I have set all the defaults properly under Project Settings -> Maps & Modes. I also made sure the gamemode that is beeing used, is using the proper character, nothing helps though :frowning:

I already fixed this issue , just download the full project again from github or :

1- Overwrite this file “/Plugins/CustomGravityPlugin/CustomGravityPlugin.uplugin”
2- “Generate Visual Studio Files”
3- Compile the project in VS

Wow, you work fast!
I am re downloading now! Thanks a lot

EDIT: I am now getting this error while compiling your project:

When I try to package my own project, it works, but when starting I get the error message:
CustomGravityplugin failed to load because module CustomGravityplugin could not be found

Really starnge , I tested it again , it works fine.
Maybe the plugin is not compiled correctly