Blueprint Broadcasting Message Between Blueprints

Yes, click on the EventDispatcher where you created it. On the right panel then you can add parameters to the interface.

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Can you show where you’re calling your NewEventDispatcher_0

You need to tell the event dispatcher to fire, in whatever logic you decide that the game is over.

See my second image in my OP.

Where is your scorekeeper code. Where you created the EventDispatcher.

Also, why are you setting the GameLocst = False on tick? All that code should only be called once.

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That is also possible. Here’s a page about Camera Switching in Blueprints.

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That depends if the camera is inside an actor or not.

You could create a new CameraActor with the camera, and a function that does the switch with a specified FirstOrThirdPersonCharacter, when the player enters a trigger volume, call the function on the new CameraActor and pass the reference to the actor who entered the trigger volume.

how about this… just put the gameover camera in your character BP

It can call a function on your Player. And that function can change cameras.

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Hi. I have two blueprints in my game. One has a score function and the other controls the player character. I want it so when the score reaches a certain level the player character does something. How can I make this happen. Thank you in advance.

Scorekeeper BP:

You can create an Event Dispatcher in your Score Keeping Blueprint.


Scorekeeper BP:

When your scorekeeper decides the game is over, it can call the EventDispatcher.


Character BP:

Which will trigger any events that other actors have subscribed to that dispatcher. In your character’s bp’s you’ll want to subscribe to the scorekeeper’s event dispatcher like this…


If you need to find a reference to your scorekeeper, and only have one in your game, you can to the following…

Character BP:

  • [Get All Actors Of Class][4]
  • Then take the first value in the [Array][5], Use the Get node and use an index of 0.
  • The value you get from the array, is your ScoreKeeper, but your BP doesn’t know that, so you need to then cast the value to ScoreKeeper.
  • Then save it in a variable that you can use to drag pins off of.

Another way, would be to store the reference in your GameMode, or have your GameMode keep the score.

Hi. Thank you for your response. However, I can’t find “Bind Event to [name of my function here]” as a block i can put in blueprint.

That’ll only be available once you’ve made the EventDispatcher on your scorekeeper. Drag a pin off of your reference to your scorekeeper in your player BP, and it’ll be an option.

I already did this in the same place that you had the image of creating the event dispatcher(the my blueprints by tab). It successfully made a event dispatcher and I was able to call, bond, and do like 5 other things in the score keeper blueprint but not the player controller blueprint.

In your player controller blueprint, do you have a reference to the scorekeeper? You need this to be able to bind to it’s EventDispatcher.

How do you add a reference?

Updated post with answer to your question

Is the new image you posted meant to go in the score keeper or the player character?

Player Character subscribing to the ScoreKeeper.