Blueprint as navmesh dynamic obstacle

I have a “CampFire” blueprint which in Components tab has ROOT, Static Mesh Component and Fire particle. When i place this campfire in level at runtime, i want navmesh to rebuild around it. I’ve checked “Is Dynamic Obstacle” in static mesh and “Rebuild at Runtime” in project settings - but it’s not working. Am i missing something? I can’t find any tutorial about how to use dynamic obstacles with navmesh.

You need to make sure your camp fire static mesh has any collision, or just add navigation obstacle config to that static mesh. You can add some manually by adding entries to CylinderCollision or BoxCollision in Navigation section of static mesh properties in static mesh editor. And don’t forget to pick navigation area.



My mesh already had a collision (Box Simplified) and Area Class - but after setting Cylinder Collision it worked. Thanks!

You’ve stumbled on a bug that has been already fixed. I believe 4.7 contains that fix (and there’s already a preview build out, hint hint :wink: ).