Blueprint Actors and Foliage system? HELP

I took some time and looked around the forum to see if my question has been asked, suffice to say i did not notice if it had already been asked.
so please forgive me if it has

Why cant i add a blueprint actor as foliage? as this i feel it would be great if i could.

Why i would like to be able to do this.
Answer: MODULAR Foliage!!
importing multiple parts for example a cactus. arms base stems needles. then building a blueprint actor containing these parts set in random layouts.
then adding these Blueprint actors to the foliage system would be awesome. as this in my mind would allow for greater amounts of custom foliage then having to build complete custom objects and importing them one by one.

to end i would just like to say i am vary new to UE4 and maybe there is a way to achieve this without having to place actors all around one by one. maybe its not at the moment vary efficient. and that’s why this feature isn’t available. i don’t know but i sure would like some input on the idea/subject so anyone willing to point me in a better direction then what i am asking/suggesting would be much appreciated.

Anyone out there!?!

This is a really good idea but I don’t think it will be implemented in UE4 because of Speedtree. Unity has a free tree-creater and so does blender.

well that just makes me sad :frowning:

Trello Ability to place Blueprints as foliage is a Trello card that’s been around since May 2014.
However I don’t think it got the attention it deserves from Epic yet, so maybe give it even moar votes? ^^

I don’t see how Speedtree would prevent this feature? Nothing in UE treats Speedtrees differently to any other static mesh, and nothing force you to use Speedtree instead of a tree made anywhere else.

Also like XilenceX said, it have been intended as a feature for a while now.
With the new Ecosystem tools that are being developed (and we might see it in 4.8) I hope we’ll be able to use it with blueprints as well.