Blueprint actor not accepting collision


My blueprint actor is currently not accepting collision from my weapon, but it does accept collision from my player so as you can imagine I’m a little confused. Here’s my dealing damage function from the weapon:

void AQUBEWeapon::DealingDamage(uint8 FireModeNum, const FHitResult& Impact, const FVector& ShootDir)
	FPointDamageEvent PointDmg;

	PointDmg.DamageTypeClass = FireModes[FireModeNum].CustomDamageType;
	PointDmg.HitInfo = Impact;
	PointDmg.ShotDirection = ShootDir;
	PointDmg.Damage = FireModes[FireModeNum].CustomHitDamage;

	UE_LOG( LogSomething, All, TEXT( "--- Calling QUBEWeapon -- Inside Dealing Damage.... ---" ));

	AQUBECharacterPlayer* CharacterPlayer = Cast(Instigator);
	if (CharacterPlayer != NULL)
		Impact.GetActor()->TakeDamage(PointDmg.Damage, PointDmg, CharacterPlayer->Controller, this);

		UE_LOG( LogSomething, All, TEXT( "--- Calling QUBEWeapon -- Dealing Damage! ---" ));

		DrawDebugSphere(GetWorld(), Impact.Location, 10.f, 16, FColor(0,255,0), false, 3.f, 0);

		UE_LOG( LogSomething, All, TEXT( "--- Calling QUBEWeapon -- Actor Name : %s" ), *Impact.GetActor()->GetName());

As you can see I have a debug sphere display on the impact location which displays everywhere in my level except my blueprint actors, and some physics actors dotted around in the level. The original static mesh of these blueprint actors do collide.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:


Hey Jonathan,

What is the collision profile of your BP Actors set to?

Best Regards,


Block All

What happens if you change them to BlackAllDynamic?

I tried that and it had no affect.

What I have found is that if I change any meshes in the world to
Mobility: Movable
Then my weapon will no accept the meshes collision. If they are set to Static then it will collide just fine.

Oh my, I am silly. I forgot to add COLLISION_WEAPON to the trace in my weapon code.

Sorry for wasting your time Ryan, still learning. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!