Blueprint: 2 bones in same skeletal mesh to look at each other

I have a bed with a piston mechanic which controls how much it the headrest of the best leans forward and backward.
I have the necessary bones skinned in.

I’d like to know how to get the bones of “Piston Component A” and “Piston Component B” to stare at each other.
These 2 bones are part of the same skeletal mesh.

I think it has something to do with “Look at Rotation” but I’m stuck and am not getting anywhere.
I can get close, but they’re not DIRECTLY looking at each other, just past each other and I think I have some of the coding logic wrong.

One thing I can guess thats the challenge is getting the “LOCAL bone position” in the skeletal mesh, because the top piston is on a bone that rotates that makes the head rest move up and down and the bottom piston doesn’t know how to lock onto that local position so it only looks at its default position. Although I could be wrong.

I was hoping for some help :slight_smile: