blue tint in movable objects?

hey folks,
ok so I was really frustrated that I can’t get movable objects to look useable at all. they stand out as if they have self illumination, and they have this really blue tint reflection that won’t go away even if I delete all the lights from my scene. so I took some screenshots to post here, see (only the door is movable, the rest is baked)

see, this is terrible. I couldn’t figure out why, and thought it was just the way that movable objects look like, and gave up. I was ready to make my scene have all doors static and open so the lighting would match, but then I had an what if moment and copied the whole scene (except anything light related, lights, volumes, reflections, etc) and paste into a template level, did a quick bake, and this is what I get: (same thing, all baked, door movable)

I mean what?! at a first look it’s barely noticeable that the light on the door isn’t baked. why is it so different?

So I thought the lights must be different, obviously. then I copied all the lights, volumes, etc from the good lighting level into the bad lighting level, baked the lighting, and my door still looks the same. what is going on?

it’s really frustrating when you are trying really hard to learn this, you read all the relevant documentation you can, watch a lot of videos on youtube, even purchase some online courses, and then what you do don’t look like anything you’ve seen at all.

It baffles me, it defies basic debugging. I copied everything I could think of from one level to the other and it looks totally different. then I deleted all lights, reflection captures, volumes, fog, everything related to light, left only the meshes, and still get a blue tint on everything, instead of everything becoming black.

so what could possibly be causing this difference? is there a configuration anywhere that controls the overall tint? this project was made over the VR template (what a mistake) but oddly enought the level that looks good is the template one. the bad looking is a blank level, so what could be the cause?

Did you check your Volumetric Lightmaps? Movable objects in a static-lighting scene are affected by precomputed samples. There’s a viewmode Show > Visualize > Volumetric Lightmap and you should see the blue tint in those. Based on the screenshots, there is a noticeable blue ambient in the first set compared to the second.

well that must be it. I had to read a bit about it and decrease sample size to get some better results, but it works about right now. I mean, the door doesn’t stand out nearly as much as before, it blends with the static lighting quite alright.

and the blue tint disappeared the other day and I couldn’t replicate it so not a problem anymore I guess

thank you very much mate