Bloom / Rendering Effect

Hey Everyone,

Still learning the intricacies of Unreal 4 and I was wondering how would I go to lower the bloom / direct sun effect caused by looking in the general direction of the sun, I don’t want to raise the sun since I like the position of the shadows currently and I like the rendering / effect it gives when not looking towards the sun. I would like to lower the lens effect of looking in the general direction of the sun to go away, is this possible?

Even when I lower the spec / gloss / reflective properties of the materials, that effect is always present.

Thanks for the help!


Check out the Post Process Settings either on your camera or on in your scene (look for Post Process Volume), and you will find the settings that you are looking for. If lowering the bloom doesn’t help your issue, try to play with the Auto Exposure settings.

It’s not bloom but reflection from sun. Tune material properties. Try to set roughness higher.(0.8-0.9)

Hey! Thanks for the replies, I ended up turning the spec off and tuning the Rougness like suggested.

thanks for the help!! :smiley:

Every time I create a material, I automatically set roughtness to 1, and metallic to 0. It should be default imo.

Roughness does nothing without specular. Rarely there is need to set specular to 0.