Bloom not working

Can’t seem to make Bloom work for my camera unless there is super bright element in my scene.
Here is a library with an illuminating panel casting light, and no matter what I do bloom is not taking effect as you can see, how can I make bloom work?

In the object that has emissive, is “Use Emissive for Static Lighting” enabled under Lighting? It is required for Bloom to function and for the light to illuminate the scene / objects around it. If the value of the input connected to Emissive (in the material) is rather high, then it could be too bright when working. Decrease Bloom Intensity in the post process to lower amount of influence. I’m not sure what Threshold does exactly.

Yes its checked

In the photo above, is it the camera view or the viewport view? It looks like viewport view. And the emissive is working there because it’s lighting the objects on the shelf. What are you trying to do in the camera with the bloom more precisely?

its the cam view, I want the bloom to look more intense.
Even with threshold set to -1 (so all pixels should be affected) I don’t see it.L

Base color value of the material affects bloom more by increasing it beyond 1. So, if the RGB value is 1, 1, 1…then increase all those beyond 1 to get a brighter, white color bloom. To get a particular color brighter, set the RGB values in proportion higher than 1 to affect bloom more. There’s another method too, and it’s in the doc page for emissive. It involves changing the mesh properties, I think, somehow.

your methods involve in changing the material properties so its brighter, I cant have this, taht will change the look of objects.
I just need the bloom to intense even with below sRGB below 1.

so you want brighter bloom, but not for it to affect objects?

Yes I want it to affect everything.
Here is an example of bloom in Unity where because threshold is low, its affecting almost all the image

Modifying the sky atmosphere properties enhances bloom effect on everything, especially the lighting coming through the windows and the skylight bounce lighting in other areas. Basically try to increase properties of the atmosphere to get more evenly reflected light (SkySphere) … such as Fog Density (has an impact on surfaces), maybe Sun Density (has impact on sky and sundisc only), and start distance (so it evaluates closer to the camera for an interior scene).

Skylight’s property, Intensity Scale, is a good one too, but it can quickly become super bright when increasing to values beyond 2/3 or 5. It’s also important to see how Auto Exposure contributes to the scene when making the changes. Reducing the Exposure Compensation slightly or a bit more can decrease the scaling of other lighting changes, or offset them correctively.