Bloom--> Convolution is broken

Bloom–> Convolution is broken

  • Is this noted for a possible fix with the final release?
  • Any other workaround or fixes in the meantime?

Thanks a lot

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I ran into the same problem. I’m using the ‘Convolution Bloom Kernels Pack’ from the market place, worked perfectly in 4.27 but rendered the frame black in UE5.
I saw that the ‘DefaultBloomKernel’ had an alpha channel and the market place images didn’t.
Export the ‘Convolution Bloom Kernels Pack’ textures to photoshop, copy their image, paste it into a new alpha channel, adjust the levels to a small dot, export as a .exr and re-import.
They work now.

trying to export one of the packs textures and getting an instant crash on export. bummer!

Did you try exporting from 4.27?