Bloom backgroud once exported to .avi issue

Hello There,

I am having a problem with my bloom effect and my background once i render the movie to avi.

Basically in my ue4 viewport everything is the way it should but when i export it to .avi my background lose the bloom effect it is like if it own default light option would dissapear or something.

Attached you can find p1 which is what i see in my viewport and p2 is what a get once i render it to .avi.

I hope you guys can help me with this because i can deliver the animation until i solve this problem.

Thanks in advance

I am going to be a bit more specific:

The background is a rounded plane built in 3d max and imported to ue as static mesh with it default stings.

I have no glass on the windows.


BP_Lightstudio the hdri that comes by default with ue4. picture attached

I have a lightmassimportant volume that covers only the space not the background but there is not difference if i cover the background as well.

Quality production, epic and high for materials.

Please let me guys know if you have any question i really need help with this.


Did you ever figure this out? I’m trying to bake the bloom effect into my renders as well with no luck and no responses on reddit/forum.