Bloom and lens flares Flickering


I have a problem with flickering bloom and lens Flares. I tried to change settings of bloom and lens flares in postprocess volum with no luck. The only thing that it seems to fix it is changing Anti aliasing method from TSR to TAA. Is there something to tweak to avoid this flickering using TSR?

EDIT:It looks like it just happens at cinematic settings…does anyone know what settings are changed from “Epic” quality setting to “Cinematic” related to bloom and lens flares that make then flicker at higher quality?

Looks like if r.TSR.History.ScreenPercentage is larger than 100 the flickering starts…That is kind of sad that new features in high quality mode give just bad quality results…

does anyone know if there is something to tweak that allows me to have Cinematic mode and r.TSR.History.ScreenPercentage 200 without flickering in Bloom and Lens Flares?