Blood effect on camera FPS (Like Gears of war)

Hey guys!

I cant seem to find a way to put a blood effect on my camera when I hit an ennemy.
How would I go about this? Particle, texture, decal? And how to animate it with a fade in fade out?


This is exactly what I want, to be more precise :

I would use a texture. You can change the alpha value to fade in and out

Alright but where should I plug that texture?

I only found this for UDK. I don’t know if it helps you porting this method to UE4.

The thing is that i have the Post Process Material in mind when it comes to something like this.
But i don’t know if it is possible with it. I read a UDK Thread for lensflare and a dirty screen with
post process. Maybe someone with more Material Knowledge could offer a statement.

Otherwise you could try to use a Texture with one of the HUD Classes. Either with the new UMG (haven’t worked with it yet) or with the old canvas (Draw HUD etc.).

You can use an unbounded post process material on your players camera or full screen material on the 2D screenspace HUD canvas. The shooter game sample performs the latter.