Blood decals does not work in walls?


I have a strange behavior working with decals, I created a basic blood decal, and when I try to set it on the floor, it looks ok, but it does not look quite ok in the walls…

So what could be happening here?

(NOTE: White floor and white wall has the same material)

this is my material, the only thing that I see different than tutorials, is the ELEMENT MODE, tutorials uses that in OPAQUE, but that selection causes an exception in the build… strange…

help please!!!


I found the solution, thanks to a guy that replied me in a youtube comment (Kokoro)

Basically, decals doesn’t work with static light, you can do 2 possible things to solve this.

  1. a workarround, set a movable light near the decal.

  2. change your proyect to support dbuffer.

It is very well explained here, and for now, it seems is the right answer:

This user: WorldofLevelDesign also did a step by step video about how he did a subway environment, it is very recomendable.

So if you have the same problem, check that video, and let me know.