Blocky Shadows & more


Some of you might be familiar with the following issue: You put some static lighting into your scene, build and then your shadows look like from an 8-bit game. Like this:

I’ve seen multiple threads about this problem, and in all cases the responses were “increase the lightmap”, sometimes it was “change the light to stationary”.

This is my lightmap density for the same scene, the resolution is 1024*1024, and changing it to 2048 doesn’t improve the situation. 4096 causes the build to crash, because my memory is too low to handle it.

As for the second part, if I change the lighting to stationary, the surface upon which the shadow is cast is still static, it doesn’t change anything. I would have to change it to moveable, and considering how many lights I want to put into the scene, this would case severe performance issues most certainly.

These are my lightmass settings used in the above builds. I have tried indirect lighting quality settings between 1 and 4, stating lighting leveel between 0.25 and 1, smoothness between 1 and 4, and I’ve also tried all qualities from preview to production. Nothing gets rid of these shadow blocks. I’ve also started a new project with only starter content and built lighting with a “normal” point light, with similar results.

Anyone has any idea why?

I have the same problem, have you resolved it yet? If yes please tell me

I have the same issues with lighting and shadows, even if I’m using dynamic lighting only, or a mix, or static / stationary only. Tried increasing lightmap res, adjusting World Lightmass settings, volumetric lightmap settings, indirect and skylight bounces, and a bunch of other stuff. One case I had it where shadows weren’t jagged or pixelated at all, simply straight, clean, accurate shadows. Then it was gone, for no apparent reason or cause of it. It’s like I unintentionally discovered the only combination of settings that produces those best results, and then perhaps modified a minor setting or re-opened the level with all of it reverting back to jagged, PS2-level shadows.