Blocky lighting despite having Smooth shading on the model - since 4.17.1

Since 4.7.1 I have had some seriously odd lighting issues on my models. Any model over a certain size (scale) will automatically have this issue.

This is my export from maya and how it is suppose to look!

I do not understand what is going on. I have exported everything properly and yet I still get this issue. Is this a lightmaps issue? is this something else? Any help is majorly appreciated as it is really hurting the l

Quite possible that your problem is related to dynamic shadows. The issue is discussed in this thread.

I didnt even know what to call it, but this is exactly what is going on… wow… so sad to hear this has been in for that long. Fuck… this means no help i guess. Well I will read that thread and see if there is anything I can do to mitigate it and make it less of a problem. So damn sad…

You still have two things you can do to mitigate the effect. First is increasing shadow bias, but this will create discontinuities in the shadows. The second one would be changing the quality presets in a such way, that you would be using lower quality shadow filtering on high settings.
Last but not least, you could try using PCSS on 4.17

I tried shadow bias, it doesnt fix it, the other two options I would have no clue how to do :frowning:

Shadow bias does work, but you need to type in a value, that is beyond the slider limit of 1.

PCCS is enabled by CVAR **r.Shadow.FilterMethod set to 1. **It is still experimental.

As for quality settings, you can read up on it here.
You goal is to use lower r.ShadowQuality, while keeping other variables in the preset unchanged.

i typed shadow bias of 4, like you suggested in another thread, no smoothing was done at all.

Let me be more correct… I have tessellation going on with the object for “wind” its how i make the trees look all wavey and such, thats when it gets nasty. Shadow Bias 4 works if it is static and doesnt move with the wind.