Blocking volume not fully affecting Navmesh

Hi, I’m working on a twin stick shooter game and I’m spawning AI on a random point on the navmesh. I have a few areas where the navmesh is being generated in places that I don’t want it to.

I was going to use blocking volumes to stop the navmesh being rendered there but for some reason they just act like they’re hollow, is this intentional and is there a way around it?

Below is a picture to better get the idea of what’s happening.

This is by design. Recast doesn’t have a concept of “inside” and blocking volumes are more like cardboard boxes than stone cubes.

Having said that, use NavModifierVolumes with navigation area set to NavArea_Null and you’ll get exactly what you need :slight_smile:



I feel dumb for not spotting that xD

Thanks for the help, that’s exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: