Blocker - Extreme lag in Live Edit

Live edit works okay-ish for the most part, which is great! But we do run into these big lag spikes in live-edit on our project when working and copying with the phone tool. It always happens when joining in progress, as well as when youre the first person in the project. Interestingly this happens after joining in progress, but when you rejoin AGAIN, the issue might be non existent for a while after that, but never for long. I also noticed that it happens for picking up 1 actor as well as picking up a group of actors with your phone tool. The spike will feel worse when picking up more actors.

Replicate: Join in progress on somebody who is in live-edit with the UEFN editor open and connected.

Evidence video:

This issue is huge and so common right now, makes it super hard to work in teams.

I’ve been experiencing this same issue.

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Thank you @TinyWorks - I’ve messaged the devs.


Hi @TinyWorks , are you able to upload your logs (client + editor) when this happens?

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Yes, here you go. (hope i did that right)

Logs Tiny 21-11-2022 (2).rar (6.9 MB)
Logs Tiny 21-11-2022.rar (210.1 KB)

@A1go - see above for logs.

@TinyWorks Thank you!

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Just to @TinyWorks, I worked with production yesterday and today to get issues like this triaged sooner. This issue is assigned but I have no updates yet.

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Thanks Jay!

@TinyWorks, are you still experiencing these issues after the update yesterday? I’m tracking a few performance related issues.

@jay_villanueva I had to go back to the same area and make a comparison clip. I would say it’s changed, there is improvement. IDK if you can tell by looking at the new clip, but it’s not all the way there yet.

Just spend a few more hours in live-edit. It’s still pretty bad. Every prop we pick up there’s a second of freezing before we can move again. Added a second clip!

Clip >>>

@TinyWorks Just following up here. Have you seen any improvements lately?