Block snow particles on entering interior

So I created a snow particle system and I want to have the particles stop when I go inside and start again when I go outside, how would I do this??

You could add a trigger box to the entrance’s an use that to enable/disable.


How would that triggerbox be setup, can you provide a screenshot

I could post a screenshot tomorrow, But here is a (high level) overview of what you would need to do.

Each entrance will need two trigger boxs placed back to back.
Enable the particle effect when the player touches the outside trigger box, and disable it when the player touches the inside one.

You will need to either cast the object to your player type or check if it is derived from the player, And this is the check to make sure that only the player can affect the particle system.


Isn’t there a volume to kill particles when they enter it ?

Here is what I have so far

Have you gotten that screenshot put together yet?

I would use a “manager” like this to handle when to enable/disable any effects like snow (that are done in screen space anyway).

(Just ignore the blueprint name, It is a testing blueprint; So names aren’t important)

Things you will need a reference to the particle system.
You will then use the enable/disable nodes on the particle system instance in the appropriate function in the “manager”.

This would work best with a screen space effect (one that does not interact with the world).
A effect that works in world space may not be so easy if the player can (blatantly) see the snow in the building when it should not be there.

I could make a short tutorial (text with imaged) if you are unable to come to a solution.


Yes I would love a tutorial as I am a visual learner and not very good with really complicated blueprints anyway. Thanks

Just let me know when you have it done

Sure :slight_smile:
I should be able to get it done by Friday at the latest.

Here is the tutorial, Let me know if you need any more help.

The problem with this approach is if you stand next to a wall or narrow building, and you have blizzard going on, you will see snow going through the wall/building.

That’s why I am wondering if there is a volume that kills GPU particles when they touch it.

AFAIK, You would have to modify the source code for something like that.

Looks like you can kill particles on collision with EPCC_Kill