BLISTER - British SWAT-style FPS

Thanks, Jon - Vegas is a big inspiration for the game so it’s good to hear that we’re on the right track! I’m also a fan of your modular scifi environment, proper next-gen stuff.

From what i ve read from your first post it sounds to be a good game. Is it officially released or still in development?

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Hi, gamer

Thanks for the interest, BLISTER is currently in development and we are releasing a Greenlight campaign soon on Steam to try and get our game on the Steam platform.

Hey guys! The trailer for greenlight is still in the works, but just because I recently realised there isn’t much footage of the gameplay as it is now I recorded a couple room clears and slapped them together. Obviously lots is subject to change but we want to keep people in the loop of how it looks right now. I’ll update the OP with this too

Hey, guys. It’s been a while but here’s a new video demoing the Hub World for BLISTER. It’s a customisable armoury where players prep before starting missions. We’re trying to increase the interactivity of the world instead of beleaguering the player with menus.

We’ve just finished our Steam Greenlight trailer for BLISTER, powered by UE4! There’s lots of gameplay footage and it shows off our progress so far very well. Please watch, enjoy and vote for us on Steam Greenlight if you’d like to help.

Is This Project Still On ?
Cuz Its Amazing

Thanks man! It’s totally still on, if you want to see some more frequent updates you should check out our twitter @item_42