Blinking Vibrating Flashing Flickering Lines in Viewport


I have recently started learning Unreal and the lines for most geometry flickers and flashes constantly and it is seriously hard to work. It doesn’t matter if it is a large project or (like the one in the video) small with only 1 item.
I have uploaded a video:

Any suggestions for fixing this?

@Gottlos Gotta be honest, I can hardly see any flicker there. Maybe the center line near the end of the vid. What I would recommend is turning off auto exposure ( project settings ). Once you’ve switched that off you might notice just how insignificant line flicker is by comparison…

it’s just the in-editor drawing of lines, it won’t affect the game. also bsp brush’s are more for very low level blocking out of the map, once you create proper mesh assets, you won’t have this problem.