Blinding lights in my project. Help plz.

Hello. I have a problem with lighting that is imported from project. In edit mode I have everything set so that the colors are good. However, in game mode, when I press play, the lighting brightens the image and blinds strongly. How can I reduce this effect? Regards below adds screens

But what light setup are you using?

I have disabled post process volume and height fog. Now you can see more clearly how the sun creates a dazzle effect. Where can I weaken this effect?

It appears to be auto exposure brightening, but could be something else or an additional problem(s). More info needed for inquiry.

Thank you for the answer and suggestion but auto exposure brightening is not a problem

Sky light is not a problem.
Sky sphere to.I disabled post process volume and height fog and the effect remains … Any other ideas?

Is it using Global Illumination? what are those settings at in the World Settings? Do the materials have Diffuse Boost turned up?

Yes. There is global ilumination. In world setings, diffuse boost is at “1”. I switched off and it didn’t help either. In general, I removed everything related to lighting and a ray of light directed into the face and remains so :frowning: The only thing I left is sky sphere. Could there be a reason there?
I think it’s the only way out. I paste the screen with the settings. Thank you again for all the help, because my patience is running out :slight_smile:

It may be the Light Propagation Volume. Sky sphere could do it, especially if World Settings Lightmass has high number of bounces and high intensity settings. Or, a combination of the settings for the sky sphere / skylight, and the global illumination. Try going to the Show drop-down in viewport, and disabling each Lighting method one at a time. If the extreme brightness doesn’t disappear or go back to normal, then try isolating each Lighting method (skylight, global illumination, directional, etc) one at a time. So it would be turning off all but one for each lighting. This is for narrowing it down to which lighting is at the heart of the problem.