blending grass into the landscape material.

I’ve read a number of post asking similar things but couldn’t fine an answer as to how to reference the color of the landscape your grass is on and blend it. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

The normals of your low poly grass model should be pointing up, that way is hard to see it as a separate mesh and it looks more natural when it’s placed on the ground. As for the color, you can put what ever your need to fit your style of your game, you can always tweak the color as a material instance after the texture is done anyway.

the vertex normals of the mesh? I can overlay a color but is there a way to blend brown into the grass if it’s on mud and green if it’s on leafs? Somehow it would have to reference which layer is painted on the terrain. I’m not sure how though.

In the 3d package you are modeling you can edit the Normals and then make then point to Z up. I use 3ds max but i’m sure any other 3d package can do it.

Think you mean something like this?

no, that’s an interesting forum but their solution isn’t what I’m looking for. They just took a screen shot of the terrain and used that to blend the grass. I’m trying to get something that updates real time as you paint the terrain.

I think some raycast collision on terrain could work to determine the diffuse color where a grass piece is above ?

I JUST got UE4 tonight, but in UDK I would:

to get:

oh wait you mean you want real time change as you paint layers? like one color for one layer and another color for another layer in real time update? I doubt that is possible.
If I was worried more about grass color per layer than just having an acceptable variation then I would:
create new meshes for each layer and use same method with MIC switches for variation texture then just paint each discrete mesh wherever the desired layers occurred.