Blender UE4 Rigg

Hello i’m Catie,
I have been a member on the forums for a fair few years now but rarely post.
I thought i would give back to the community by uploading some free content for free use in UE4 for all the Blender users.
I have over 6 years experience in 3d and Animations and 5+ years in unreal software and know allot of people have issues when using blender with unreal.
Aswell as uploading some simple to follow .pdf guides I also plan on creating more riggs in future for blender users.

If you have any problems or questions or Rigg requests please feel free to post and i will get back to you asap.

Human Character Rigg V1.0 (using the Default Android character)

Download Link

The human rigg is relatively simple and is fairly straight forward to work and animate with.
I have included a rough export guide for use and exporting using for UE4 and will update with a more detailed user guide in the future

I hope you will all enjoy and give feedback as i intend on releasing more riggs in the future (Animals, Weapons, Vehicles .ext)

hi, very interesting

is that the rigify you have setup on the mannequin? nice!
and in the pic of it in Unreal is that some sort of artifacts or something from his hands or is that just the pic you posted doing that?

btw, what version of Blender are you using? the newer versions seem to be working a lot better now. (still has some scale issues when exporting skeletal rigs)
still have the major issue of the Armature being imported into Unreal and pushing the bones up the hierarchy. and haven’t found a clean way to avoid this yet. (especially shows ugly results when trying to retarget)

so yeah, this is great, anything that you can share should be a great help to me & others in the community, so thanks :wink:

I plan on replacing the image with a more up to date picture that will be allot cleaner (there shouldnt be any weight problems anymore on the mannequin)…
It’s my own rig, i weirdly enjoy rigging things for game content (thats why im planning on doing more (Canine, Feline, Bird, Horse, Dragon .ext) in the future

As for Blender i use 2.76 (most recent to my knowledge)
in the scale tab i changed it to ‘Imperial’ and have the scale set to 0.010 … That way the character is exactly 6ft tall or 1.82m

When it comes to exporting i use the following:
… just make sure you have what you want selected when you export

I posted in your initial Facebook thread… just dropping by to show love and thanks! :smiley: I am playing with this rig now, going to try export it in a minute… if I run into any issues, I’ll let you know! Thanks again so much for this!

Would love some feedback with how people are finding the Rigg setup with the Custom shapes

great work!

The idle action is included … did you import it from unreal or did you recreate it ?

i recreated it using the IK… i was really supprised at how close i managed to get it if im honest ^-^"

Nice job…

looks good gonna check it out

i’m Currently working on Expanding the existing Rigg… IF there is any improvements people want on the next version, Please feel free to just say, as im doing this to help pass the time between projects.
In addition, Working on expanding the Blender Rigg library by adding in some Fantasy creatures, and some not so fantasy creatures.

i plan on updating the Humanoid Character rigg and adding in the 2 new riggs during November.
Will add in an Example character model, Add in another animation to help get people starter a sculpt mesh for people to start from ^-^, I may also add in a .PDF paper on Character design and development to help people starting off.
If you follow me on Twitter you will know what Fantacy Rigg’s im working on as i Tweet out allot of my works in progress (Outside of my work)

I’m not clearly understand how to weigth paint another mesh with this - there are no bones , controllers - it’s very new for me, may be do you know how to dedicate bones to a new mesh if there are controllers ?

To turn off the shapes just un-tick “Shapes” and Tick “X-Ray” so you can see them

thank you very much!!!)))

no problem, its a relatively simple rig currently, and im working on expanding it to make it more open and easier to use…
i’m also working on other riggs and planning on building up a simple library for all the Blender user’s

PixxiePane - it’s great what you do, and please give some answer too -

in the example robot , which give explanation for robot rig. I mean bones which not append for robot, but need to human, and more smothly (yellow, green weigth) but in the same hierarchy and names

but may be you have similar example for human?

The shoulder bone is there for when you apply a more human like character mesh to the rigg… it will give you more flexibility later on in the production.
i’m working on updating the overall file and will have a example character for people to play with, For now the shoulder and clavicle bones only really give a little extra movement to the arms

but if I use this example for human character -

  1. how to hand up?
  2. and when rotate shoulder this mesh area need to be transform too

if you use the shapes provided you can control the arms using the Circle targets on the forarms near the hands, and the elbows will move according where the circles.
The rigg is considered easy for the more intermediate blender user, if you are new to blender i would assume you are yet to learn about setting up “Inverse Kinematics”… They make Animation allot easier

Try putting the shapes on and grabbing the shapes, you will either rotate or move them around… will give you a better understanding of how it all works

Thanks for info! I’ll read about Inverse Kinematics.

But can you tell for quick start with a new character - what should I do for proper animation in the UE - weigth paint only this shape controllers or need weigth paint bones too (but I think it not because controllers manage this) ?