Blender To UE4

I don’t know if there are any blender users here but. I’ve manage to make a Animated Low Ploy Water Model and I exported it and tried to import it to ue4 and it goes thru ok. it’s just when i drag it out to the world the animation does seem to work. I was just wondering if there was a certain way im suppose to be exporting out the model…

Any Advice or Input would as always be appreciated.

Many :wink:

Is the animation there, in UE4?
Imported as skeletal mesh?
Is a bone in your mesh, or morphing/shapekeys/keys only?

I used Shape Keys and then i Exported as a .FBX like your suppose to, But when i import to UE4 just the model goes thru when i put it in the world.

Hey i checked out that Video link… and Thanks Man i think i get now.

Alright i got it in but from some reason it deforms itself why too much and the animation plays.

The Mesh without animation…

The Mesh with Animation…

Mh could have many reasons.
Try to make a base pose/shape, where you select all vertices and move them 0.001.
Could be a singlesided Problem too.
Try with a solid, not singlesided object.
Make one object like in the tutorial.
When that works well, you know where to search for error.