Blender to UE4 workflow WITH Cycles Render

Hi there, I want to use blender to create some of my game assets but I have been unable to correctly import into UE4 a mesh with a material applied to it. Every time I import, the mesh is there but the material is just white.

I’ve been searching for a few days now on the internet and all I’ve found are answers that work for Blender Render, but that don’t seem to work for Cycles Render, for example:

I am in Blender, Cycles Render.

  • I create a cube in the scene
  • I select the cube, click on material in the properties window and I set create a new material
  • I go into the node editor and I set up how I want my material to look (black for this example). This shows in the rendered shading.
  • I UV unwrap my cube with smart UV project
  • I then go into the UV/Image Editor and I create a new image, saving it.
  • I go back into the node editor where I create an “Image Texture” that I set to the image that i’ve just saved in the UV/Image editor
  • With the object and the “Image Texture” selected, I click on bake in the Render section of the properties.

From what I’ve read on the internet and from what I’ve understood, this should do the trick. When I export the cube and import it to UE4 though, the mesh shows but the material stays white…
(Of course when I import into UE4 I always check import texture and import material)

So which steps am I doing wrong? Or maybe am I missing steps? Or is importing a material made with Cycles Render in Blender just impossible?

hi mate, the baked material within blender should be exported ( image >> save image >> desired location) then import into UE