Blender to UE4 : Skeletal Mesh problem with directional light

Hi everyone there.

I’m learning unreal engine so maybe i miss something but here’s my problem:
I make a mesh in blender, with an armature. When I import it as a static mesh I have no problem but when I import it as a skeletal mesh i have a light problem. As you can see the model doesn’t receive the light from any directionnal light.

What do i have missed?

Thanks a lot!

FIX: For the peoples who has the same problems, just choose recalculate normals when important into UE4 :slight_smile:

Nobody has an idea? :slight_smile:

It looks like your normals got flipped. If you go to the normal map texture options, you should be able to invert the green channel. That might fix it.

You could also look through the import/export options. It could be related to a z-up issue. Every 3D program has to pick which axis is “up” and transferring between them can sometimes cause little issues like this. Just takes a bit of experimentation to learn which settings are right for your workflow.

Thanks for your ideas! I fix it with the import options, I choose recalculate normals instead of import normals.

I have the same issue that my SkeletalMesh has a light problem. Is there any other solutions apart from using ‘Compute normals’ at the fbx import? Using this option unfortunately results in other issues for me.