Blender skeletal mesh takes forever to import

I tried importing my first custom skeletal mesh using Blender today using the following settings:


It’s taking an exceptionally long time to import.
Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

Hi MrShmid,

Thank you for your report. Could you provide a few more details about the asset? How many polys/tris is the mesh? Does it eventually import or does it just hang? Would you be willing to share the asset with us?

Also, if you posted your DxDiag, that could help.


My mesh has 2960 tris but 1480 faces. I’ve had Unreal up for about an hour now and it’s still stuck on the ‘Importing’ window, with no progress.

Here’s a link to my asset in both .blend and .fbx forms: Blender link. FBX link.

I’ve attactched my DxDiag.

Thanks for the help.

Just a short note: In my case the engine crashes when I try to import it. But I will see what I can do to get it working :wink:

Sorry about the wait, but I do have good news. I was able to get the error you are describing in 4.3.1, but I have tested it in our build and it is now fixed. Though I was able to import it without any delay or error in our build, it may take a little while for the build with the fix to be tested and released to binary.


Hi ,

Do you know if this fix is available in the current release? I’m working with 4.4.1 and my .FBX file gets stuck on “Importing…” with an empty progress bar.


The fix for this particular import issue was integrated by 4.4 according to the report, so I would like to get your issue investigated as a new post. That will allow me to investigate the issue properly and assign engineers as needed. Feel free to comment with a link to your new report and I will have it assigned out immediately.