[Blender] Need some help in the texture process

Hey there,

first of all, i’m a noob if it comes to texturing, so please don’t just throw out words, you usually use, that i wouldn’t understand directly (:

What are you trying to create?

To get used to the Art Style, i am creating a simple axe and i want to hand paint it.


What is your current problem?

Since i want to hand paint the model, i wanted to give me some basic shadows by baking an AO Map (Is that even a good idea)?. I looked up how to do this
with Blender on Youtube and setup the Settings like the guy did in the video, but i have ALOT of black bleeding edges which look
really ugly and, although the axe handle is set to smooth shading and soft edges, it has hard edges in the upper part.



What are your settings?

I tested a lot of different settings. I have pulled up AA to from 8 to 16.
Used 20 samples for the Raytraced AO. A margin from 2 to 16px.

I have no real idea what i’m doing wrong here and how i can fix this.

It would be really nice, if someone who is used to this, could help me with this
and maybe also give some tipps how i could go on with texturing this axe.

I’m using a graphic tablet and i already colored a mix of real/handpainted texture,
but i don’t feel well making a full handpainted texture here.

My final result should be something like “Riverfall” artstyle

I’m completely open to this and i really love making models instead of always only coding
stuff, so i would be really happy if someone could take some time to help me (:

I would recommend watching the videos in this playlist:
Hand Painted Weapon in Blender

Alright (: will watch the series. Thanks for sharing.

Taken from the last video of that playlist, the image below is what I believe is usually done in order to prevent the issue you’re describe.

In the video, he stated that you could create the AO Shadow by baking it (that is what fails at my end, because of black bleeding)
or just paint it in. And that is what he is doing, he simply paints it in. The picture you show is preventing something similar i guess
but has nothing to do with the AO Map failing. Still the Video was a good example and as soon as i find time, i will start remodeling
the Axe from my first post and try to hand paint it without an AO Map.

Ah right, I misinterpreted the problem, I thought it was due to, if there’s no color and if the UV line itself is a bit too close to the edge where it’s textured, the lack of color, defaulting to black, can bleed into it.