Blender materials

I have decided to use blender to create my models for games but I am not sure if I should create the materials in blender as well or if I would be better off making the materials in unreal engine.
Which would I be better off with?

I know its a matter of personal preference but considering I haven’t used either blender or maya
that much so which would be easier for a beginner?

Really it just depends on what you’re most comfortable with. My team’s artist makes his materials in Maya and Substance painter, and then imports them into Unreal. For the most part everything works out fine, we just occasionally have to make some final tweaks to get the desired look (like maybe changing the roughness of a material for example). So yeah, it’s up to you since it should work fine regardless.

P.S. Our artist used to use Blender and he didn’t have too many issues with making his materials with it.

I do want to add that using software that is more geared towards creating your materials and textures would be the best way to go, but Unreal does have some powerful art tools, Blender too.

Well imo Unreal is easiest for beginners and there’s plenty of tutorials on it, so that’d be my vote.