Blender import

When I export from Blender as fbx (using Path Mode: Copy and Embed Textures) and import it in UE4, only the name of the material I created in Blender is made. Name of the texture is set to whatever the fbx file is called, plus a number. If I export with Path Mode using any other option, the name of the texture is its original file name. Is it possible to have the imported texture’s name be what I make it inside Blender?

I don’t think you can have 2 assets with the same name so either the texture gets the name or the material.

Dont use FBX export in Blender, cause its not up to date in Blender, due FBX is commercial and belongs to autodesk. Use OBJ instead. I read that some guy wrote an uptade himself, just didnt follow the story further.

I was also using Blender, nice to find other people do so. But now i prefear 3ds Max and suggest you to do so. It has just some advantages… (but some disadvantages in workflow for us Blender guys)^^

This is actually bad advice. Well, at least… outdated advice. :slight_smile: The 2.72 release has a greatly improved FBX exporter (paid for, in part, by Epic) and it can be used very effectively. kennyrosenyc probably is right - it’s probably a naming issue. I’ve imported FBX files from Blender on many occasions without experiencing this issue. I usually have to tweak the materials to look good using the PBR shaders, but they are decent out of the box.