Blender->FBX to UE4 , animation becomes small

Hello, i have a problem , i used blender to make animation then i export to FBX, but i import to Unreal Engine animation my character becomes small
what’s problem?
i used blender version 2.78
animations becomes small , mesh becomes big

this my link file animation blender

please i need help, for my game

It’s a known UE4 bug (, for now the workaround is to use scene unit scale 0.01 metric. After changing that apply transforms for your rig and mesh. You may need to redo the animations if they stop working (any location keyframes will be way too small).

Renaming ‘Armature’ to anything else also seems to work.

If I do recall correctly, there was a stream (find it at youtube or channels for Unreal Engine 4) where the developer showed how to work with Blender and UE4 with several tips, including animations! Something like a year ago… not at my desk right now to find it.