Blender fbx export issues


I am using the rigify addon for my armature (“Pitchiboy Human Rig”).

Issue with FBX 6.1 ASCII:

I parented my teeth meshes to the teeth bones from the armature, which is animating fine inside blender.
But when I import that into UE4, my teeth are not following the head. The teeth are at the located on the ground.
The cloth, which parented with automatic weights on the armature, are working fine.

Issue with FBX 7.4 binary:

When importing the 7.4 FBX, I get many errors, which I don’t get when importing with FBX 6.1.
Location, rotation and scale are all applied for the Armature and Meshes.
Theses errors may the reason why the animations are partially complety deformed (the head area in picture, the rest is fine)

I used blender 2.72b and 2.73a, but the results are equal.
I use FBX 6.1 ASCII and FBX 7.4 binary export settings as in the pictures.

Anyone know how to fix that? Thanks in advance!