Blender Cycles Render To UE4.

can someone help me how to import blender cycles render into UE4??

i am making a road system of static meshes and has 2 materials the road and curb

Hi Julio,

Can you be more specific with your question. I’m not that familiar with Blender but when I looked up Blender Cycles Render it pointed me to a rendering add-on for Blender.

This is not something that can be specifically used in UE4.

However, if you’re just wanting to import your static meshes you should be able to export as FBX and import that into UE4 with no problem.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


not sure what op means exactly either but in the latest version of blender it included the ability to bake cycles lightmaps into textures, which is quite nice since not many pathtracer engines out there let you do that and its free! check it out, still being developed so the workflow is bit clunky right now

the only thing i want to know is how apply multiples material in ue4 to a static mesh created in blender.
i already asign the multiples material uv unwrap it and imported as fbx and all went well with the materials assigned to them but when I try to modify the material in EU4 looks black with 2 diagonals lines

IDK, should work just like any other texture. Is your uv’s overlapping on your 2 channels? Make sure you have 1 channel to display what you see in Blender and a second channel of nonoverlapping uv’s for lighting. The baking is great, already used it!! How does the baked texture look…Like a road with a yellow or white line I presume!

Hi Julio,

Can you post a screen shot of the issue you’re having in UE4?

If you’re getting darkened areas with lines this seems to be related to your lightmap for 2nd UV, as FreezeFrame suggested.

What kind of modifications have you done? Here is a blender tutorial how you can create a lightmap: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: 2nd UV Channel (english) - YouTube and here you can find more information about lightmaps:

Here is a basic way how you can do that:

Hi Tim,

Tanks for the help